Máy đo khí H2 – Hydrogen gas leak detector

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PG610-h2 series portable gas detector: it is single gas detector and easy to take. It is intrinsically safe instrument that can continuously detect the concentration of combustible gas and toxic gas.

PG610-h2 Gas detector is widely used in municipal emergency rescue, oil chemical industry, metallurgy, coking, environmental protection and other industries.

PG610-h2 gas detector: OLED display, self-Illumination, wide perspective, high brightness and resolution. People can read display clearly five meters away.

PG610-h2 gas detector can collect gas data and save data automatically, and then transfer the data to computer.

Main features:

l )Big OLED display, Highlighted, High-definition

2)Automatically save the detecting data for 5000 records

3)Data progress bar display mode, can learn about the state of concentration

4)Low power consumption , save energy, save electricity

5)Real-time clock display function

6)The key operation needs to input password to prevent wrong operation.

7)Automatic calibration function, reduce the measuring error.

8)Recover key data, avoid the loss of data

9)Battery power real-time display, under-voltage hint, low pressure automatic shutdown

10) Standard MINI-USB charging port; charger is compatible with computer and cell phone’s

11)Charging protection function; when battery is full, charger will shut down automatically.

12)Computer connection function; to realize data download, parameter setting (optional)

13)Alarm type: Sound,light,Vibration alarm

14)STEL and TWA alarm function for toxic gases

15)Power on self-test function

16)Adjustable high and low alarm level

17)Replaceable modularized sensor

Detected gas also can be one of following gas:

EX,O2,CO,SO2,NO2,CL2,H2S,NH3,H2,O3,NO,HCL,PH3,HCN,CLO2,ETO,CH2O,HF,CO2,VOC,CH4,C2H4,and other gas.





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